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Second Edition of Play it Forward Singapore – March to May 2016.

We are excited to announce that Play it Forward Singapore will be out in the city streets of Singapore from 4 March onwards!

8 public pianos have been refurbished by our local artists and will be placed in the Marina Bay area from 4 – 23 March 2016, as part of iLight Marina Bay 2016.

The public pianos are placed in pairs at the following locations:

  1. One Fullerton, Entrance Plaza
  2. Under the Esplanade Bridge
  3. The Float at Marina Bay, at Gate G2.
  4. Under the Bayfront Ave Bridge, near the end of the Helix Bridge near Marina Bay Sands and Art Science Museum.

Check out the locations of our public pianos on this map here!

Follow our journey and discover behind-the-scenes footage on our Facebook and Instagram pages!

Play it Forward Singapore is a ground-up initiative supported by the Urban Redevelopment Authority’s PubliCity programme to create more lively and active public spaces.

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