Ways to Participate

You can be a part of the public piano movement! Our third edition of Play it Forward Singapore launches in September 2016.

Introduce yourself to us over email at sg.playitforward@gmail.com and tell us how you would like to participate.

We are looking for:

Donations of old pianos
Is your old piano collecting dust at home? Let us give it a second lease of life with the help of our artists, to bring joy to more people and enliven the streets of Singapore. We will gladly arrange for a professional piano mover to collect the pianos at no cost. Piano donors will be updated on the progress of the upcycling process and invited to view the final transformation.

Creative talents
Play it Forward (SG) is a creative collaborative process and it is what makes this movement meaningful. We are looking for locally-based creative talents, including artists / designers / illustrators / architects / web designers / graphic designers and more.

There are so many ways you can be involved, so drop us an email with an introduction, your portfolio and ideas! Collaborators will receive a token honorarium for their involvement and effort.

Venue Hosts
Got a good place in mind where we can place the pianos? Is there a public space near your office or where you live that can be transformed into a gathering spot for the community bond and connect over music? Get in touch with us if you are keen to host our public pianos!

Workshop and storage space
Pianos are big instruments! We need a workshop space that is conducive for our artists to create their masterpieces and safe to store the pianos for a duration of 1 – 2 months before they move out to the rest of Singapore.

If you are a co-working space or storage company that supports creative work and local talents, join us as a Venue Partner and be an artistic incubation space for Play it Forward (SG).

Volunteering Opportunities
Love the idea of public pianos in Singapore? You can play a part to sustain this movement and contribute to the creative transformation of this city.

We are looking for people to volunteer their time and expertise in Public Relations, Marketing, Web Design, Logistics Planning and most of all – be our Guardian Angels to keep a lookout for our public pianos and play on them too!

Non-Profit Beneficiaries and Community Sites
Know of a charity group, beneficiary, school or any non-profit institution that would benefit from a donated piano?

We are passionate about giving to the needy and sharing the joy of music.Beneficiaries can also work with the artists to co-create the pianos as a meaningful participatory art activity. Beyond the gift of an instrument, we are happy to work with the beneficiary on live performances, music lessons, masterclasses and music therapy sessions too.

Companies and Businesses
Adopt and customize a bespoke piano with us for your intended beneficiary! Your charitable contribution will give a second lease of life to an old piano and bring the joy of music to the needy and underprivileged.

Play it Forward (SG) is a non-profit movement and while we are working smart to make this a financially-sustainable initiative, the logistic cost of moving and storing pianos is the highest ticket item in our planning.

As a sponsor, you can play a part to fuel this movement. Your contribution will allow more public spaces in Singapore to be transformed with the pianos, support local creative talent, gift the joy of music to Singaporeans and do your part for charity.

We are looking for in-kind and cash sponsors to support us in this homegrown public piano movement. Sponsors can be entitled to one piano to be donated to the charity and beneficiary of their choice.